Thursday, 26 July 2012

Do Germany Want To Take Over Europe?

Europe Takeover

Germany it seems are the leaders of Europe,they are dictating to the struggling Spain and Greece as they attempt to overcome their Euro woes as they and other Euro members continue the bail out.

Are Germany plotting to take over Europe or have they always intended to take over the sovereign Nations and gain fiscal control over the member states of the European Union.

European Single State

Brussels, the seemingly quiet Belgian city is the bona fide base of the EU. Here the zealots that are intent on creating a single state to rule over are having their task made easier, as the euro crisis grips the weaker countries tightening the screw on their weak economies........


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Friday, 6 July 2012

Bankers,Banksters, Gangsters And Pranksters

Bankers And Banking

Gangsters,pranksters,banksters and bankers.It does not matter how you order these words or your particular use for them, they can all be used in the glorious world of banking.The very heart of our capitalist society today.

With yet another banking scandal breaking , it is the customers who are suffering from the greedy banksters lust for profit.

So in title order what do these terms mean.

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Buying and Selling Hitler-The Nazi Collectibles

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German Fuhrer

Adolph Hitler may have departed this world, but due to the part he played in world history his presence on this earth will never be forgotten.Hitler is still written about in many books, and still visible in many war documentaries.

A quick search on ebay reveals to me there are over 12,000 items for sale related to the searchHitler.However this does not include any of Hitlers personal artefacts such as his cigarette case,personalised cutlery, spectacles and a Youth badge encrusted with diamonds.

The above items were withdrawn from a German auction house sale in October 2011 following severe objections from The European Jewish Congress led by president Moshe Kantor; stating that glorifying such items from this dark and sinister era would corrupt young Germans and Europeans about the Holocaust.

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